Year in Review: Here are Your Top Healthy State Stories of 2019

It’s Healthy State’s second anniversary and to celebrate we are counting down 2019’s most-read stories. The last year has brought many uplifting, funny, and emotionally touching stories our way. Thank you for reading and being part of our community. 

With that, here are the top five stories of 2019. 

*Drum roll*

  1. Giving Grieving Parents the Give of Time

A CuddleCot is a cooling bassinet that preserves the body of a stillborn infant, giving families more time with their babies before they have to say goodbye. A family recently donated a CuddleCot to Winchester Hospital. Read the story here

  1. Getting a Second Chance to Say Thanks

Bill DeVito felt chest pain on Oct. 30 and decided to head to Winchester Hospital right down the street. Thankfully, Winchester Hospital Security Guard John Brito was nearby and saw DeVito fall. A valet had alerted Security that a man was driving erratically. “I went outside to see what was going on,” Brito said. “He was mumbling and got out of his truck and fell. I called the medical staff for help.” DeVito got a second chance to say thank you to everyone who saved his life. Read about it here.

  1. Terminally Ill Man Marries Longtime Love at Beverly Hospital 

Patrick Clapham, 41, and Beca Harper, 42, married in the lecture hall at Beverly Hospital. The two had been dating for nearly seven years—and often discussed getting married—but in August of 2018, they got news Patrick had esophageal gastric junction cancer. Patrick passed away a few days after this story was published.

  1. Emergency Room Stories: Brought Back from the Brink

Robert Pace went to the gym for his favorite workout. He started out with three fast miles on the elliptical, followed by exercises with medicine balls and ended with weights. After working out, the 59-year-old went home, ate an apple, and sat down to watch a little of the World Series. That’s when he started having chest pain. Read his story here

  1. Pardon Me: What Your Stomach Noises Mean

Bellies like to be heard at the most inopportune times. From the growl of hunger pangs to the gurgle of digestion, your stomach can make a menagerie of sounds, often when you’d prefer it not. But should you be worried about what your stomach noises mean? Probably not. Here’s why stomachs make noise. 

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