Year in Review: Here are Your Top Healthy State Stories of 2018

Happy post-holidays! But don’t fret because the celebrations aren’t yet over until we run down the year’s top stories.

It’s Healthy State’s 1 year anniversary and we are running down 2018’s most-read stories. Over the course of the Lahey Health news site’s existence, we’ve covered an array of topics: Many colleague stories, current events and social phenomena like the risks associated with participating in the Tide Pod challenge.

The top stories of 2018 were Lahey colleague driven, as you’ll see. Let’s cut to the chase and wrap up the top stories of 2018.

*Drum roll*

5. Stranded: How to Survive a Blizzard in Your car

Ever worry about what you’d do if you were caught on I-95 in a snowstorm? Judging by the page views, it’s a common worry. Read on to learn more about what you should keep in your car at all times.

4. Keeping Your Household Healthier During Flu Season

Last year was one heck of a flu season. There were record numbers of people contracting the virus combined with a vaccine that had a 30 percent (approximately) efficacy rate. This article was about taking flu prevention into your own hands…by cleaning your home.

3. I’ve Dodge a Bullet — or Maybe a Land Mine

Read the harrowing story of one patient’s journey with cancer and the doctor who went above and beyond throughout his cancer care.

2. Lahey Colleague Cheers on her Daughter at Winter Games

The daughter of a Lahey colleague participated in the Winter Games in South Korea ss a member of the US Women’s Hockey team.

Finally the top story of the year!

1. A Tragic Accident and Spinal Cord Injury Prompts Couple to Marry at Lahey Hospital & Medical Center

At the same time it’s heartbreaking while hopeful. Read about what our nursing colleagues on 7 West did for one family after a tragic accident.

Thank you for a great 2018! We hope to continue bringing stories like this to you in 2019. If you have a story idea, please email us at


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