The New Sober-Curious Movement Sweeping the Nation

The popularity of healthy foods and holistic lifestyle products has created a sector of young people who are curious about sobriety’s benefits. 

Some millennials are sick of waking up dehydrated, their heads throbbing, and as such are disavowing alcohol — at least for a short while.

Across the country there’s a new movement, called “sober-curious” taking hold, mostly in urban areas, where people gather at pop-up bars and drink “mocktails.”

A quick Google search of the term “sober-curious” yields a whopping 8.3 million results. 

Sober curious folks say it’s all about the best of both worlds — socializing and having fun, while staying healthy. These sober curious bars and events tout a fun time for those wishing to abstain from booze.

To be certain, this movement is not a 12-step program or even evangelizing against alcohol. It’s more of a “wellness” approach to drinking with participants self-reflecting on how much and how often they drink.

Alcohol is Everywhere in our Culture 

According to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism86 percent of adults over 18 report having had an alcoholic drink or drinks at some point in their lifetime, and 56 percent say they’ve had alcohol in the past month. 

So, if you feel you can’t get away from alcohol because of work events, social outings, and weekend activities, a sober-curious experiment may be right for you.

Health experts say there are benefits in taking a break from drinking, even if it’s a short respite. Social media has become rife with alcohol abstaining months, such as Dry January or Sober September. 

“Giving up alcohol for a short amount of time can help people in a number of different ways,” said Dr. Nicholas Avgerinos, a family medicine physician with Family Medical Associates of Manchester. “Aside from having fewer hangovers, improving quality of sleep, and reducing inflammation of the liver it can also help to clear up acne and lead to weight loss.”

For more tips on how to live a healthier lifestyle, speak with you health care provider.  

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