Tales from the Recovery Room: One Nurse Talks about Her Years in the PACU.

When it concerns the operating recovery room, you never know what you’re walking into.

This is wisdom from Brenda White, who has been a nurse in Beverly Hospital’s recovery room for nearly a decade.

“I like the challenges – and there are a lot of them,” White said. “Every single day is different.”Brenda at her daughter's wedding.

These challenges require staff to remain calm and composed under duress. Sometimes patients have violent reactions to anesthesia, or they take a long time to wake up. Both these situations require staff to be vigilant and on top of their game.

Pain management and wound care can also be challenging, White explained.

“The recovery room really encompasses all the body’s systems,” she said.

White started her career in nursing more than 22 years ago. She worked full time as a research technician at another hospital – and was a mother to two small children – when she decided to attend nursing school on top of it all.

Upon graduation, White and her husband learned they were expecting a third child.

Now her three children are grown and White is expecting her first grandchild.

“It’s very exciting,” she said.

For young people considering a career in nursing, and especially as a recovery room nurse, White enthusiastically recommends it.

“Go for it!” she said. She may be slightly partial, however, because of the team she works with.

“I love my coworkers,” she said. “They’re an incredibly supportive group. Everyone jumps in and helps when needed. It’s a really good working relationship that we have in the recovery room.”


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