Painting is More Than a Passion for This Doc. It’s Therapy and Decor at Urgent Care Centers.

A painting of the blue ocean waters off Rockport adorns the walls of Lahey Health’s Urgent Center in Gloucester.

This painting, and four others that are framed and hanging on the walls of the facility, are the work of Dr. Miguel Martinez, the center’s physician.

“Painting is something I love; it’s therapeutic,” Martinez said.

And therapy is exactly what Martinez needed when his penchant for painting kicked into high gear.

Nearly two years ago, the 62-year-old doctor had surgery and found himself at home with months of recovery time.

“I wasn’t supposed to do much around the house,” he said. “I really started painting to keep myself occupied. It was the best therapy for me at that time.”

Though the doctor has painted before – he and his teenage daughter share this passion – it was during this recovery time his output increased.

“Before, I would paint three or four over the whole winter season,” he said. “But with all the down time, I produced 15 paintings in a couple months.”

It’s worth noting that Dr. Martinez has a natural ability for artistic endeavors, as he was accepted into art school at the University of Michigan.

It was in the first semester when he felt he wasn’t as gifted as many of the other art students.

“I felt totally inadequate, so I went to medical school,” he said, with a laugh.

Martinez has worked in the Lahey system for more than 25 years on staff at the Beverly Hospital Emergency Department before coming to Gloucester’s urgent care facility.

He summers with his family in Rockport, Massachusetts, which is the inspiration for almost all of his art. The doctor also draws painting inspiration from the famous French Impressionist Claude Monet’s landscapes.

A trip to Gloucester’s urgent care – or, at the location in Danvers where there are seven of his paintings on display – has the bright side of getting to view the multitalented doctor’s exquisite artwork.

“The patients tell me they enjoy it,” he said.

Some have even asked if the paintings are available for purchase. But Martinez demurs on selling his art.

“Once you start creating something for money some of the love goes away and it is different,” he said.

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