Our Renaissance Nurse: From Olympic Weight Lifting and Cross Fit to Mom and Grandma

To sum up Angelia Russell, the Stroke Nurse Coordinator at Lahey Hospital & Medical Center, is to say she’s a woman who does it all.

Since coming to Lahey in 2015, Russell has left an indelible mark on the place. She’s been involved in spearheading our Stroke Center designation efforts, making sure the team is at its finest.

“We are recognizing stroke symptoms faster and that means better patient outcomes,” Russell said. “We have more opportunity to intervene and that’s had a positive effect on patients.”Russell examines a patient

Seeing the good outcomes is what Russell finds fulfilling in this role, in addition to the work being intellectually stimulating. She trained as an Emergency Department nurse at a different hospital and saw a lot of stroke patients there. So this role new role was the right fit, so to speak.

“We have patients who come back later and say thank you,” she said. “I’d rather them walk out of the hospital instead of being taken on a stretcher to a rehab facility.”

But it’s Russell’s hobbies and other experience that truly makes her the exceptional nurse leader we have come to know.

For 18 years, she was an air medic in the National Guard, performing search and rescue missions in devastating situations – one familiar crisis was Hurricane Katrina. Russell was one of the nurses flying in a helicopter over flooded New Orleans in 2005, looking for any survivors.

In the military, she was stationed at Al Udeid base in Qatar in 2008. She received wounded soldiers from Baghdad and other countries in the Middle East.

If you said this was enough for one person, you’d be wrong in talking about Russell. Her past-times include Olympic weightlifting and Cross Fit (she just reached 105 pounds in the overhead clean and split jerk move) when she’s not hanging out with her daughter and grand-daughter.

Russell examines a patient.

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