New Study: Kids with Acne May Get Better Grades

Acne sufferers, take solace: you may be getting better grades than your clear skin counterparts.

It’s one of the benefits that may accompany a condition teenagers (and many adults) often loathe.

A new study in the Journal of Human Capital found that acne may be associated with good grades as well as a higher GPA.

“We find that having acne is strongly positively associated with overall grade point average in high school, grades in high-school English, history, math, and science, and the completion of a college degree,” the report said. “We also find evidence that acne is associated with higher personal labor market earnings for women.”

This is potentially great news for the millions of teenagers who suffer from acne. Acne is so common that it’s considered by many to simply be a part of puberty. In fact, experts at UC Davis estimate that 85 percent of teens experience acne.

“While association does not equal causation, this is at least some positive news that can be relayed to teenage patients with acne,” said Dr. Vlad Ratushny, MD, PhD, a Lahey Health dermatologist at Massachusetts Dermatology Associates in Beverly, Massachusetts. “Teenagers are at a vulnerable time when it comes to confidence, and we know acne does not help.”

While many think of acne as pimples, it can present in a few forms: blackheads, whiteheads, nodules and cysts.

Dr. Ratushny said while it’s great to put acne in a positive framework for those with this prevalent skin condition, it’s still important to treat.

“It’s important to see a dermatologist who can appropriately diagnose the type of acne and put the patient on a good treatment regimen,” he said. “It’s good to prevent the long-term side effects of severe acne such as permanent scarring, which can lead to regret in adulthood that they didn’t appropriately treat their acne when they were younger.”

Acne’s influence over one’s GPA is the second recent piece of recent good news regarding acne. This month, Healthy State covered the “pimple positive” movement that has many social media influencers and celebrities like Justin Bieber and Lorde.

For more information on acne and how to treat it, speak with your Lahey Health provider.


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