Giving Grieving Parents the Gift of Time

When Meghan and Kristen Jackman lost their son Braden at birth in December 2016, another family’s gift allowed them to spend more time with their baby. Braden was stillborn at 34 weeks because of a cord accident.

“We had a CuddleCot available to us at the hospital where Braden was born because a family donated it. It allowed us to have more time with Braden and allowed for our family and close friends to meet him. It gave us the gift of time and we wanted to be able to provide that to other families,” Meghan said.

A CuddleCot is a cooling bassinet that preserves the body, giving families more time with their babies before they have to say goodbye. Having a CuddleCot available within maternity units allows for precious hours for bonding, pictures, religious ceremonies, and has been shown to positively impact parents’ healing. In memory of Braden, the Jackmans recently donated a CuddleCot to Winchester Hospital.

“We have friends who delivered at Winchester Hospital and spoke highly of it, so we called to see if the hospital had one,” Kristen said. “We run an annual softball tournament to raise money for CuddleCots, as well as other resources that support families impacted by pregnancy and infant loss. This is the second CuddleCot we have donated.”

Meghan, who gave birth to Braden, said having the CuddleCot provided some comfort. “I hate that anyone would have to use it, but it helped with our healing. It gave us the time to take pictures and just spend some time with Braden,” she said. “We can’t take their pain away, but we hope that it will help in their healing.”

The Jackmans presented the CuddleCot to the Winchester Hospital Labor and Delivery team on Feb. 21. They were assisted in the effort with the newest member of their family, 6 month old Connor.

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