For a Lahey Health Doctor, a Baby’s First Christmas is Extra Special

The first Christmas for baby is always a special time.

Dr. Louis Laz, an obstetrician at Lynn Women’s Health, knows this. With help from his long-time office manager Sophea Chea, Dr. Laz throws an annual Christmas party for his patients who have given birth during the year. The annual party was last Friday.

There was food galore — cake, pasta, salad, pizza — and presents lining the walls of the ballroom at the Knights of Columbus, where the party was held.

This year the Boston Bruins mascot Blades was on hand to take pictures with the kids.

“It’s so nice to see the families in a different context,” said Mandy Davis, a midwife at the practice. “We’re so used to seeing them at the office, but at the party people come dressed up. The baby’s are dressed up.”

Every year the practice delivers 300 to 350 babies, said Laurie McKechnie, a nurse practitioner at the office.

“It’s wonderful to see all our families who have had babies,” she said.

Dr. Laz has been throwing the party for at least two decades, beginning before he led the Lahey Health-affiiliated practice situated in Lynn.

It’s a different group of families every year, but certain traditions have remained the same. Every family leaves with a gift.

Karina Morales, 24, was at the party with her 8-month-old daughter.

Morales, a Salem resident, was introduced to Dr. Laz eight years ago when her mother delivered her little sister.

“I remember going to the office with my mom,” Morales said, adding this year was her first time attending the Christmas party.

The party is, in part, a celebration of new motherhood.

“Being a first time mom, I want to be around other new moms,” she said. “This year has been great, but like anything new there have been challenges. It’s nice to see people who are in the same phase in life.”

As of now, Dr. Laz and his team have no plans of stopping their annual tradition and they look forward to celebrating with their patients in the years to come.

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