Baby Born in the Fast Lane

In the early morning of November 19, Kathryn Fazzie delivered her baby in the front seat of her car.

It was snowing out. Her husband, Nick, was driving 90 miles per hour on I-95 near Boston, a 15-month in tow.

The couple knew this was likely going to be their last time to get away before Kathryn had their second baby. They left their home in Philadelphia to travel through New England to Canada. The baby wasn’t due until January 11.

“I know it sounds crazy, but around 12:30 a.m. we both woke up with this strange feeling,” Kathryn told the Philadelphia Inquirer. “I had a bizarre sense someone was standing over us.”

Could it have been the ghost of Kathryn’s late grandfather, William Kelly, who delivered at least five babies in cars during his career as a Philadelphia police officer?

“Then I started feeling awful, and I thought maybe it was something I’d eaten earlier in the day. But, when the feeling didn’t go away, I knew something wasn’t right.”

Nick called 9-1-1 to let authorities know that they were on their way to the hospital. But the call dropped. Kathryn’s water broke immediately after and she delivered the baby in less than one minute. Nick was still driving on I-95 near Boxford, Massachusetts.

That’s where the baby arrived — via Kathryn’s delivery skills. She supported the baby’s neck as he came out and cleared his mouth with her pinky finger. He was seven weeks early.

An ambulance from the Boxford Fire Department was dispatched to find the couple. In the meantime, Kathryn wrapped the baby in her scarf. Then realized she never checked to see the baby’s sex — a boy.

“He’s our miracle baby,” Kathryn said.

The family was brought to Beverly Hospital.

The couple, who named the baby Archie Boxford, knew the baby needed medical attention. At Beverly Hospital, Archie was admitted to the special care nursery where he is doing well and awaiting release. Kathryn was admitted and released two days later.

In the special care nursery, both parents expressed gratitude to the nurses and staff.

“Beverly Hospital saved his life,” Kathryn said. “Every single person here has been absolutely amazing.”


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